Solo act...or rather a duet

The last couple of days have marked some significant milestones in Erin's journey. As of yesterday, we have been in St. Louis for 3 months, with less than 3 months before we can head home. Sunday we celebrated 3 weeks since her transplant and the tremendous gains she's made. Some days are better than others but the video we shared of her first walk took over 3.5 minutes to complete just 2 weeks ago; on Sunday she walked the same distance in under a minute, plus her longest walk was about 7 times that distance. And yesterday............we got to go home after 28 days in the hospital! It feels wonderful to be back at the apartment and on our own schedule, not to mention food selections (Papa John's and Redbox for dinner). With that though comes the reality we are responsible for everything now, including the 2:00am blood sugar checks. We will have clinic appts/blood draws/chest X-rays/ lung function tests every Monday and Thursday. The fluid on her right lung is slowly decreasing and we continue to treat with diuretics and monitor with chest X-rays. We will be monitoring her diabetes closely (fluctuations occur with each change in her medicine, which could happen weekly) but it appears to be under better control. She will have physical therapy 3x a week, occupational therapy once a week, along with a psychology appointment weekly. Lots to handle, but I have to say her and I make a pretty good team!


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