Status quo

We were scheduled for Erin's one month bronch on Tuesday, but this was postponed due to the pneumothorax (air bubble). They released us from the hospital Tuesday afternoon and asked that we call if there were any changes. Today was our regular clinic appointment and the X-ray showed that the pneumothorax hasn't gotten any worse, but not any better either. So, we will wait and see what Monday's X-ray looks like.  Either way, I believe they will be scheduling her for her bronch early next week.  The bronch is extra critical right now because we have no way of knowing how her lungs are doing. For fear of making the pneumothorax worse, they have suspended all breathing treatments, including lung function tests.  The lung function tests allow us to monitor her progress, but more critically allow us to see any decline, which is an early sign of rejection.  She continues to get a little stronger each day.  Thank you for your continued prayers. The best news of the day.....Paul and the kids are on their way down for a much needed extended visit!


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