Sugar and spice

We are settling in to our 'new' life and it is challenging but wonderful. Our first trip to Milwaukee we saw her cf team and to say they were blown away was an understatement. Her lung function clocked in at 70%! Not every day is that high but she continues to strengthen her lungs daily. Weather/energy permitting she has been walking/jogging with her dog over a mile every day. Last week we took a mini vacation to Sturgeon Bay and she swam for HOURS every day, even challenging herself to see how long she could hold her breath. Another trip to Milwaukee to meet the diabetes team resulted into small tweaks to her insulin which seemed to stabilize her blood sugars a little more. Now when her sugars are 'off' it usually means she isn't feeling the best. One of the funniest reactions though is everyone thinks Erin has grown several inches in the past 6 months. Truth is, now that she can breathe she can actually stand tall giving the illusion of a major growth spurt; in truth she has grown 1/4 of an inch! The biggest change for me is I don't feel like I have to be monitoring her 24/7. I can breathe now too. The best moment for me since being home..... baking with all three of my girls while listening to music. It has been a couple of years since I've had the energy, time, or desire to bake, and now we are doing it together again!


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