What a day!

Today marks two months since Erin and I moved to St. Louis, 5 weeks since Erin was officially listed for transplant, and one month since Paul and the kids came to visit. Talk about a journey! We also found out today that the Press Gazette, WBAY and a radio program all want to interview us and get the word out about our journey and the benefit event being held at Jimmy Sea's on Feb 18. We are so grateful for everyone's support.

This past week has been a little rougher for Erin. We spent 6 hours in the ER on Tuesday and expected to get admitted to the hospital. However, due to a lot of sickness and extra germs floating around the hospital they wanted to try oral antibiotics first. It has been hard watching her struggle to breathe, be in so much pain from coughing up mucus, almost beg to be admitted to the hospital, only to be sent home to wait a few more days to see if things improve. We trust the team down here, but it is not easy to do so especially when she continues to struggle so. She has a little more energy after being on the antibiotics for four days but still continues to be in a fair amount of pain and distress. Hoping the weekend and a visit from her uncle can turn things around.


  • CSBartel

    Hi interview on the news. I happened to see it. Sending prayers .

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