What a week!

It is still hard to comprehend that Erin has new lungs, much less that it has been a week already since her surgery. The sheer complexity of the surgery and the follow up care blows my mind. Erin's chest tube is continuing to drain a lot of fluid and has the doctor a little concerned. They turned off the suction part of it and if the drainage decreases there is a chance she could have it removed tomorrow during her bronchoscopy. The chest tube is causing her a temendous amount of pain, which is reduced by some GOOD drugs but the drugs completely wipe her out, making physical therapy nearly impossible. Her 'drop foot' is getting better and she continues to get stronger and stronger. Her blood sugars have not been good and so major changes are being made to her insulin regiment. She is coughing more than I expected and after years of being able to easily cough up the mucus in her lungs it is very difficult with her new lungs and this frustrates her. All things considered she is doing really well and will be transitioning out of the ICU room to a regular room tonight.


  • GeralynHartman

    Glad to hear the progress continues. All things very normal! Keeping you all in thoughts and prayers! Love and hugs Geralyn

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