Worth every penny

What a celebration!!! Last night's benefit at Jimmy Seas raised over $10,000!!! We are so grateful for everyone's support. Have no fear Erin is working hard for each and every one of those dollars. Today marks 2 weeks since her surgery and she continues to make great strides. Today that included a shower and a long walk. IV medications were stopped Friday because the infection the donor lungs had at transplant time is no longer present. She continues to be on fluids to help with her kidney function which has taken a hit with all the immunosuppressants. We are still trying to find the right insulin dose for her night time feeds and a good eating schedule that works with her body. Thursday we had an echocardiogram to investigate a heart murmur the doctor found. The doctor believes there is some scar tissue buildup where the new lungs were connected which is causing the murmur and may also be the reason for the blood flow to the left lung to be lower. At her two month bronchoscopy they will do a procedure to place a balloon at that location and see if there are any other blockages. We are hoping to be discharged early this week. Right now her biggest concern is her kidney number, but that is improving slightly and an ultrasound yesterday did not show any additional concerns. Minor hiccups still include a radiating rash, nausea, stomach pain, and intense nerve pain in her leg.


  • Sue Schauland

    Hi Erin and Karla Thinking about you and praying for everything to start smoothing out and easy healing for you to begin. Wow is all I can say. God watch over you! Sue Schauland- one of your St.Vincent Peds nurses.

  • Deb

    Hi Erin and Karla, Even though my husband and I couldn't make it to the benefit please know that we pray for you everyday. We are so proud of how hard you are fighting and look forward to the day you will be able to be home with your family and friends. Love always! Mr. & Mrs. Molzahn ... (Deb and DJ from now on :)

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