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On May 23rd, 2000, our sweet Hannah entered this world as a BEAUTIFUL healthy baby girl. The day she was to come home, it was found that her heart rate was very low. She stayed for an extra night for monitoring as no infections or other symptoms were found. After 6 months of cardiology care including EKG's, Echocardiagrams, and check ups, it was determined that Hannah's heart was functioning properly and no problems were found. Hannah grew up as a very active young girl who loved to jump on the trampoline, chase her pets, play with her two older sisters, and play softball with her friends. Hannah's 16th year of life began normally. Then the day came where our world was turned completely upside down.

On July 11th, 2016, Hannah enjoyed a day at BOSS. BOSS, aka the Best of Summer Stock is a summer musical/acting program here in Decatur that Hannah had been a part of since the age of 8. She loved BOSS and this was tech week. After a day of dancing and singing, Hannah came home for the e...



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