A new, new...new? normal.

Today is the first of what we hope are many Tuesday mornings together as a family. It's also my first attempt at going public with my thoughts via blog!!  Talk about scary!  As some of you may know, a few months ago Kevin and I decided to make a switch in regards to caring for Henry. Driving 250 miles a day was really beginning to take it's toll in several areas. I was tired, emotionally, physically, in every way really, and, if I'm being real honest with myself, I was depressed. I didn't feel like I was doing a good job, at anything really. I couldn't find Henry a kidney, I couldn't give him my own (though I had begun working diligently toward it), and I couldn't fix him of my own accord. Not to mention the fact that I was becoming bitterly resentful toward just about everyone, Kevin included. Then, in only a way He can do, God intervened, and presented an opportunity. Although it was TERRIFYING, I leapt, and decided to re-enter the work force, and Kevin would take over the job of transporting Henry every day for dialysis. So here we are, we've made it through the holidays and entered into a new year with this format, and darnit, it's working!   We were admittedly scared during the transition, as I took a major paycut from what Kevin was earning, and there was a long gap between paychecks, but we're surviving, and we owe it all to the grace of God and the people He has put in our lives. (If you are one of those people, I hope you know who you are, and I hope that you know how BLESSED we feel by your support.) My job allows a pretty flexible schedule, which is amazing, and kind of an unexpected surprise!  So! We get to spend Tuesday mornings together now, as Henry and Kevin have Tuesdays off now (details surrounding that coming soon!). We've spent several years adjusting to our "new normal", and now I'm enjoying my coffee, watching Henry play, and basking in our new, new, new normal! 

We thank you for your continued prayers, and invite you to join our village by following our Facebook Page Henry Whitacre Needs a Kidney 


Love and Blessings y'all, Emily. (Henry's mom) 


  • Mamaw dawn

    Emily, you are awesome to be able to communicate the way you do!!! Thanks for the time line, and your blog!! We can do this????to team henry

  • Mawmaw Bawbie

    Team Henry is full of Rockstars!!!!

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