March Madness is heeeeeeere!!!!!

Holy cow! What a whirlwind month February has been!  Our campaign team has finally found our rhythm and is in the process of planning some amazing things!  We have begun a coin canister fundraiser, placing coin boxes around at local businesses with amazing support! Check out the featured post on our blog to see an ongoing list of our fantastic local supporters. 

In the meantime, we have some super exciting news!!   We have been in contact with the Ft. Wayne TinCaps, and COTA will be featured as the Community Organization of the Game on May 6th!!     It's a Sunday afternoon, so mark your calendars to join us for a fun afternoon at the ball park where Henry will get to throw the first pitch!!!  Gah!!  If you know our family you know that we love baseball and are SO excited for this partnership!  Get your tickets now! 

We have some other exciting events happening just around the corner as well, including National Kidney Month in March!!  Due to the hectic schedule that March brings, and an early Easter holiday, we have decided to move back the date of our first event fundraiser, and it will be on April 14th! Join us from 4-8pm at Columbia Street West in Ft. Wayne! 

And how is Henry you may ask? He is FANTASTIC!!  We are still waiting for a kidney, though we are getting closer to knowing if we have a donor! How exciting! His favorite food is still Cheetos Puffs, though he really likes to ask for and hold other foods. Makes for an interesting dinner time! He is learning so many new things, and his vocabulary is increasing every day! Mom and Dad are going to have to start watching EVERYTHING we talk about in front of him, he is like a sponge!!!  He continues to love Mickey Mouse, Thomas the Train, Paw Patrol, and has a newfound love for Peppa Pig. We love to watch him interact with his favorite toys, and are looking forward to summer time when we can have many adventures! 

We love you all so much, and are so humbled by the support we have already begun to receive. We are so honored to be able to share our journey with you in this way, and can't wait to share in the joy of finally receiving a kidney when that day comes!  

Until then, TTFN, and check out the FABULOUS media coverage we were blessed with on WFFT Fox Local News!!

Peace, Love, and God's Blessings to you all! 

-Emily (Henry's Mom) 


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