Hudson's Major Events Timeline

March 13, 2016: Hudson Ryle Schrank was born at 1:31am via emergency c-section at 35 weeks 5 days. His mother, Jessica, had a placenta abruption. Due to the placenta abruption, he lost oxygen and blood. He had to be intubated when he was born as he was gasping for air. 

March 14-15: Critical condition with dangerously low blood pressure. Had to have five different blood transfusions, 6 platelet transfusions, and 6 plasma transfusions to stabilize his blood pressure. 
March 16, 2016: Blood pressure began to stabilize and doctors realized his kidneys were not functioning. 
March 18, 2016: MRI showed brain swelling and bruising from loss of oxygen. They discussed with us the possibility of cerebral palsy and other possible brain issues. 
March 19, 2016: Transferred to Riley Children's Hospital in Indianapolis due to his kidney issues. 
March 21, 2016: We had a sit down conversation with the NICU director, Neurologist, and other medical staff. Due to the likelihood of brain damage and the possibility that dialysis wouldn't work for Hudson, he had edema and his intestines were likely being damaged, hospice care was discussed. We chose to fight for his life and proceed forward with attempting dialysis. 
March 23, 2016: At 10 days old, Hudson had surgery to insert the peritoneal dialysis catheter into his abdomen to begin the process of dialysis. 
Before Surgery
After Surgery
March 24, 2016: First day of dialysis! Dialysis fluid filled his abdomen and dwelled for 1 hour then the nurses would open the clamp to manually drain the fluid from his peritoneum and fill him back up.  This repeated for 24 hours a day.
NICU Dialysis Set-Up
March 25, 2016: First day eating breast milk through feeding tube. 
March 27, 2016: Easter Sunday: First Easter Outfit 
March 28, 2016: First time Hudson opened his eyes! 

March 29, 2016: Breathing tube taken out. 
April 1, 2016: First time Hudson gets to breast feed. 
April 2, 2016: First time hearing Hudson cry. 
April 2, 2016: Mom dressed Hudson for first time
April 5, 2016: First FULL breast feeding
April 6, 2016: Received our training manuals for dialysis
April 7, 2016: Surgery #2: Dialysis stopped working (due to Hudson's fat clogging his catheter). 
April 12, 2016: Hudson's DUE DATE
April 13, 2016:  ONE MONTH OLD
April 18, 2016: Hudson moved from the NICU to the kidney floor at Riley
April 20, 2016: Girls meeting Hudson for the first time. 
April 22, 2016: We begin our training for Hudson's care
April 28, 2016: Last day at Riley Children's Hospital after a 46 day stay between both hospitals.
Leaving Riley Children's Hospital
Hudson's first car ride!
April 30, 2016: First picture of Hudson at HOME! 
May 2, 2016: First ER visit. Hudson's potassium levels came back too high in bloodwork.  Needed a high dose of kayexylate to bring it back down.
May 13, 2016:  TWO MONTHS OLD
May 25, 2016, SURGERY #3: Catheter got stuck behind his liver and needed to be flipped back down. 
May 27, 2016 SURGERY #4: Catheter was still stuck and wasn't draining properly so a new and bigger catheter was put in. 

May 29, 2016: SURGERY #5: New and bigger catheter still wasn't draining properly so this surgery repositioned the catheter as it seemed to have gotten stuck in his intestines. 
May 30, 2016: Back home after three surgeries. 
June 3, 2016: Back to Riley Hospital to have an NG placed since he wasn't eating well. Jess received training. 
June 13, 2016: THREE MONTHS OLD
July 8, 2016: First sickness (cough) 
July 13, 2016: FOUR MONTHS OLD
July 22, 2016: First date night with Hudson
August 13, 2016: FIVE MONTHS OLD TODAY
August 19, 2016: Second Sickness (Led to needing IV fluids but thankfully no overnight stay.)
August 22, 2016 SURGERY #6: surgery to insert g-tube since Hudson was no longer interested in eating.
August 26, 2016:  Constant Puking on new G-Tube made for a 5 day hospital stay
August 28, 2016:  Back home after G-Tube Surgery
September 13, 2016: 6 MONTHS OLD!
October 5, 2016: First Time Finding Toes! 
October 13, 2016:  7 MONTHS OLD! 
November 13, 2016: 8 MONTHS OLD! 
December 1, 2016:  First time weighing 15 pounds! 
December 9, 2016:  Neurologist AMAZED at Hudson's appointment that he shows no signs of any neurological damage!!  
December 13, 2016: 9 MONTHS OLD! 
December 25, 2016: Hudson's First Christmas! 
December 31, 2016: Hudson's Year-End Review! 
January 13, 2017: 10 MONTHS OLD!! 
February 13, 2017: 11 Months Old!!! 
March 9, 2017:  Hudson's 7th Surgery.  His catheter stopped working. 
March 13, 2017: Hudson's First Birthday!!!! 
May 10, 2017: Hudson's 8th Surgery.  His catheter stopped working again.
June 6, 2017: Hudson received a Tiny Superheroes cape!
July 4, 2017: Happy 4th of July! Look how far he's come!
July 13, 2017 Hudson Starting to Walk!


August 17, 2017: We got a call from Cincinnati Children's Hospital for Kidney Transplant referral!


September 13, 2017:  18 months old!


September 29, 2017: Cincinnati Children's Hospital Evaluation starts!


October 6, 2017: Hudson got approval to proceed with a kidney transplant!

March 13, 2018: Happy 2nd Birthday and Happy Kidney Tranpslant Day!! (Surgery #9)

April 17, 2018: Surgery #10.  Removed PD catheter, removed stents placed at transplant, and inserted port for lab draws. 

June 2018: 3 months post transplant and doing AMAZING!!!


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