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James and his twin Hendricks are 5 months old. James was diagnosed with biliary atresia disease, which is a rare disease that can attack infants as young as 2 to 8 weeks old. It damaged his bile ducts and in turn that damaged his liver; now he has liver disease, which is called cirrhosis of the liver. James is stable and at UCLA Mattel Children's Hospital in Westwood Los Angeles. James is currently being monitored for vital signs as well as having a broviac line installed, which enables the hospital to give and receive blood as well as IVs directly into his veins with LPN lipids (fat proteins and nutrients). James is also drinking from a bottle, a special formula made just for him, as well as a feeding tube in order to help him finish his formula during his feedings. He is 10 and a half pounds while his brother Hendrix is well over 15 pounds ... at this point we have been fundraising for COTA in honor of James and spreading organ transplant awareness, specifically living donor liver tr...




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