Enjoying the Holidays!

Levi has been having a great time with the start of the Holiday season. We had a quiet Thanksgiving, just the three of us this year. Levi doesn’t enjoy eating the Thanksgiving food yet, but he definitely enjoyed making it with me. Cooking

He decided later on Thanksgiving, to start getting out his nativity to for the Christmas season. We even enjoyed some shopping over the weekend. Levi doesn’t seem to care about the color of the car, just as long as he gets to be in a car. I’m afraid he won’t be getting it for Christmas though.

CarWe also decorated our tree over the Thanksgiving weekend. Levi LOVED getting to put ornaments on the tree. He loves going over to the tree and finding his favorite ornaments to take off and play with.

We are excited to celebrate Christmas with him this year. He is beginning to really take in the excitement for the holidays. He also loves ripping paper open, so presents are always a hit.playing

He has been doing well health wise which is a huge blessing. We are praying that continues through the winter months when just normal sickness is everywhere. 


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