Levi is Three!!!

Believe it or not Levi has had his new kidney for 8 months! I am daily grateful and in awe of how this gift has changed all of our lives. 
Levi is also three! He is an incredibly engaging, outgoing, ball of energy. He will take every opportunity to be around and get to know new people. His favorite things to do revolve around seeing any kind of rescue vehicle, playing with trains, and being with friends. 
Besides the much smaller list of daily needs, Levi has started to excel in areas he hasn’t had a chance to before. Not only has he been discharged from speech and physical therapy, but his eating improves daily. It is so exciting to see these changes and know that soon Levi will show no noticeable signs of all he has gone through. That alone can only be because of our good God. 
The only bump in the road has been EBV, more commonly known as the Mono virus. Almost all adults have some level of this virus in their system, but our immune systems are able to keep it safely at bay. Before transplant Levi, did not have any EBV in his system.  The kidney he received carried EBV though. The dangerous thing with transplant patients is that their immune systems are lowered so their bodies can accept the new organ so viruses like EBV can turn into nasty stuff like lymphoma. 
They check this level regularly in Levi and for a while it has been going up and down. We have tried several things to suppress the virus but it keeps popping up. Prayers for this to be finally handled by some recent medicine changes would be greatly appreciated. 
Words cannot express how thankful we have been for all of your support both physically and and through prayers. This money has helped us pay insurance premiums, cover repeated trips to Charlotte, and just makes everything a little easier. 


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