Levi's Adventures in Charlotte

We have officially been out of the hospital for a week now! Life without dialysis has been great and Levi has been doing well.  
Levi’s grandma has been with us for the past week. It has been a huge help since Andrew went back to work and as we settled into a new routine. 
Thee have been a lot of clinic visits but also a lot of fun as Levi has felt so much better. 
We could still use prayers in several areas. His doctors are still working to figure out the best doses for Levi’s medicines that help his body not reject the kidney. Levi will also have an out patient surgery next Friday to remove a stent put in during surgery, removing a hemo-cath that has helped with blood draws, and to have a port put in. This port will be permanent and will make the many blood draws in his future much easier. I will also be flying solo from now on during the week. 
We are so thankful for your prayers and support! 


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