Loving Life

Since coming home at the end of February Levi has been doing great! We never knew that our already happy guy could be even happier and have even more energy, but he has definitely shown us that! When we initially came home we were still traveling to Charlotte twice a week to have labs done and see our doctors. We have just started going to Charlotte every other week! This shows how well Levi is doing and it makes our lives get a little closer to a new normal.

Levi has started seeing his occupational therapist again to continue to work on eating solid foods. Due to Levi’s kidney disease and dialysis he was not eating solid foods. Since the transplant he has made some really great strides on his own to enjoying solid food and actually starting to eat some in very small quantities. This is an area we could continue to use prayer since eating solid foods will only help Levi continue to grow and develop.

We also had speech and physical therapy evaluations done on Levi recently. He proved to not be far off of average in both areas, so we hope with a little bit of help he can advance quickly to where he needs to be.

Our family has been enjoying our new schedule without dialysis. We were never able to sit down to dinner as a family before and now we can every night. Levi was never able to take a normal bath in the tub while on dialysis but now he loves splashing in the tub. In the last couple of months we have enjoyed being outside (when it has been warm!), going to Grandfather Mountain, and celebrating Easter. There are so many other little things that add up to how incredible it is for Levi to have this new kidney.



  • Carla Kennedy

    This is amazing. God is so good. What a tough little kid.

  • Yvonne Turnbull

    So glad that Levi is doing so good will continue to pray for him and your family.

  • martin garix

    nice post

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