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Our families introduce you to Marcus James Tolbert, born March 27, 2011.

At months of age Marcus struggled to breathe. Marcus was continuously hospitalized at St. Paul Children's Hospital and was treated for an Interstitial Lung Disease. This disease caused cyst like growths and permanent scarring on the lungs. The scarring caused stiffness in the lungs making it hard to breathe and exhale properly. At that time no diagnosis could be made with a lot of questions in the air. With this being said, Marcus was sent home time and time again with oxygen. We had endured many ups and downs through these first few years and Children's Hospital became family to us.

In July of 2016 at 5 years of age, Marcus went into Respiratory Failure and was admitted back to Children's Hospital. He was intubated and spent 4 weeks in the PICU recovering from this failure. This eventually led to his first clear diagnosis, which was determined to be a Surfactant C Defici...



Our Bright Light

On November 3rd, 2019, the world lost one of its brightest lights. Marcus James Tolbert passed away after a lifelong battle with Chronic Interstitial Lung Disease peacefully, with family by his side, while awaiting a dual lung transplant. He was Continue Reading »

9.12 Medical Review Board VOTE =)

Good Afternoon! Continue Reading »

UPDATE- school, surgery, friends 9.9.19

Good morning Y'all,  since our last update on 8.30 we have all been crazy busy figuring out a plan for schooling and getting our families situated in housing to ensure we can be comfortable as possible  through these times. Also the Transplant Continue Reading »

Update 8.30 TEAM MARCUS

Marcus has been working hard everday. He continues to makes strides and efforts in understanding transplant, compliance, and building his mind and body for what the future may with hold. His daily routine as of late has been x-rays at 6 a.m. which Continue Reading »


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