9.12 Medical Review Board VOTE =)

Good Afternoon!

As many of you continue to follow our journey, most are aware that Marcus's Pre Transplant Evaluation would be reviewed at the monthly MRB meeting September 11th and the Transplant Team would vote on whether Marcus would be able to be listed or not.

The team voted YES!!

Marcus has taken the strides necessary to be listed, the team is so proud of him and all of us as a family for the continuous effort and drive we have all madeto keep the wheels on the bus and our eye on the prize! This especially is an UNBELIEVABLE step for Marcus as this is the same board that said they are going to have to deny him as a transplant canidate 3 weeks ago due to the incompliance, lack of mental and physical strength, as well as not having a firm grasp on understanding his body and transplant. At that time they said they wanted to continue evaluation and see where he is at in 3 weeks which marks yesterday as that 3 week marker and demanded GROWTH or no transplant will happen.

Marcus was challanged, he accepted the challange, and has conquered just that. This comes as no suprise to us as Marcus has always stepped up when he needs to! We will offically be active on the list September 28th and will be slotted as a priority 1 canidate. As parents we all are feeling like the ball is finally rolling, we are getting some where and yes alot of mixed emotions flow through all of us, but we are that much closer to getting Marcus the quality of life this boy deserves!

Peace & Love, GOD is GOOD!

-Team Marcus


  • Susan Sherwood

    Wow! That’s such great news that the Transplant Team voted yes and Marcus will be officially on the priority list soon!! If any family can meet this challenge it is Marcus and his family. Stay strong and keep up the positive thoughts!

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