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Our Story

Hi my name is Nevaeh! I am 6 months old. I was diagnosed with dialated cardiomyopathy on March 20, 2018 at the age of 5 months old. No one knew I had it until I started to have labored breathing so my mommy took me to a pediatricians appointment to find out what was wrong. The pediatrician did not understand why I was breathing so fast. So my mommy took me to the ER, and that is when we found out that I had a big heart. I am normally a very playful and happy baby. My mommy and daddy love me so very much! I was blessed with the opportunity to be on the heart transplant list to receive a heart from a wonderful family who would donate it to me. On the night of May 8, 2018, we got the news that I would have a transplant and receive a heart. May 9th I went into surgery! My family has been so happy to be with me all the time, and are trying to keep a blog going so everyone who wants to read my story can learn more about me!

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Just Breathe

seeing Nevaeh on ECMO for 2 days was so scary. Her team kept telling us “hopefully” her heart function would return. Being hopeful in this  circumstances huge for us! A chance for our baby to have a new chance at life! Every minute that went by Continue Reading »

Gift of Life

After being listed for a heart transplant on March 26,2018, we received a call the night of May 8,2018 that Nevaeh had a donor that was compatible with her blood type. What a blessing it was to hear such amazing news!!! We were crying for joy and of Continue Reading »

The Wait

Everyday is a different, some days are better than others. We look at the bright side as a family! Nevaeh is waiting for a donor, and that is a hard mind set to put ourselves in. Knowing that she can’t live with her own heart hurts so much. Seeing Continue Reading »