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We have had a few people ask our family, “if Nevaeh received her heart transplant why are we still doing a fundraiser?”. I love it when people are interested in what we do for COTA in honor of our sweet baby girl. But there is something about transplant that ALOT of people don’t know. The sad part that we have had to bring ourselves to is, it is not permanent. She will most likely will have to get another transplant in about 20-25 years maybe sooner. Another thing is she will have to be on medication the rest of her life to be able to keep her body from rejecting the donor heart. We have been doing events/ fundraisers for COTA in her honor because COTA offers a lifetime of support for its patients, like Nevaeh, who may need assistance with transplant-related expenses for the rest of their lives. It would be amazing if insurance could cover everything, but that’s not the way it works unfortunately. We love our sweet baby girl, and will do what ever it takes to give her a brighter future. Because before it was very dim. We thank God everyday for the knowledge that we have to be able to do these things. I know this is still new to all of us, and if anyone has questions don’t be shy feel free to ask. Forever and always thank you all for your support!




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