Coming Together

I have never thought that this journey for Nevaeh has been easy by any means. She has gone through so much for someone in the beginning of her life thinking she was so healthy. As this past week has gone on it has come more in perspective of what is to come once she does go home. Leelan and I have for sure have become one of the nurses, there are more things that we have learned in the past 3 and a half months that most people would never learn their whole life. We are so ready for our baby girl to be home, but we still know it will be weeks before she is able to be released. The next steps we are talking about making for her is either moving her to a rehab for a few weeks before getting discharged or staying at Children’s Hospital, and being discharged from there. Either way it’s the words that we want to hear, that sweet girl is getting better and we are going to make a transition to be able to go home. She had a bit of a hard time coming off of the medication keeping her sedated. But she has been doing really good not being on it, and is being so much more playful. At this moment her battle is being able to swallow. Because she had the breathing tube in her throat for 6 weeks, she doesn’t want anything in her mouth and she doesn’t want to swallow anything. Anything that even touches her mouth she gets really upset, most of the time she will throw up. We all know it will take a few weeks for her to be able to swallow again. But that is something that they will work on with her at the rehab center. The beginning of next week they will tell us for sure if she will be going to a rehab or to another floor in the hospital before she goes home. So many emotions going right now to not only wrap around what our home life will be like, but also finding a nurse that will be at home sometimes with Nevaeh. We want Marlee to be able to meet the nurse as well so that she is comfortable with him or her being in our home to help take care of her sissy. Once we can get all of this checked off Nevaeh will be able to come home!


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