Family Prayers

The past week has for sure been a lot of changes. Knowing that it could be weeks before Nevaeh is able to go home is amazing. Of course I am excited, nervous, and overjoyed at the same time of the thought of having her back home. I have been making sure her room is ready for her equipment to come in, and cleaning the house from top to bottom every weekend that I come home. This last weekend with Marlee she kept looking for Nevaeh in the house. I know she is just as excited as we are to finally have her coming home. I know that things will be a lot different with her meds and having a trach. Putting all of that aside I know that God wouldn’t give us anything we wouldn’t be able to handle. Today we are just waiting to hear a for sure when Nevaeh will be able to leave for rehab. When she does get there it will be us learning and receiving her equipment, getting a nurse ready to go home with us, and getting familiar with all of her medical needs. When Leelan and I did her room in (24 hours of showing we can do all her care) we felt very comfortable with everything that we had to do. I also think that Marlee will be such an amazing helper once Nevaeh comes home. Because when she was at home Marlee would like to help burp her, throw away her diapers, and feed her. She is such an amazing big sister. Are whole family has been super supportive, and helpful with everything that we have needed through this whole process! If we did need any extra help I know they would all be there if we needed any of them. So in a way having a nurse is a bonus! I’m hoping that Marlee is able to like one of the nurses because she has been very picky through all this of what nurses that she likes taking care of her sissy just at the hospital. Which is great! I love how protective she already is. It’s just the waiting game now, but it makes me so excited to know everything that is yet to come. Nevaeh is for sure a fighter and is not stopping here. Everything that God has planned out for our sweet girl and are whole family has been nothing short of amazing ! 


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