Just Breathe

seeing Nevaeh on ECMO for 2 days was so scary. Her team kept telling us “hopefully” her heart function would return. Being hopeful in this  circumstances huge for us! A chance for our baby to have a new chance at life! Every minute that went by with Nevaeh on ECMO seemed so long, no one could tell us when her heart would start working again. The morning of May 11th at 8:37 am right before we started rounds (medical team getting together to evaluate her overall) Nevaeh’s new heart started pulsing on its own, while she was on ECMO!!! We couldn’t believe what was happening! Our sweet baby Nevaeh is such a fighter and wasn’t stopping for anything. As she received blood, because now her team knew they wanted to start trials to get her off of ECMO!!! As she received the blood her pulse started to get stronger!!! As they started trials she did an amazing job. The next day she was taken off of ECMO! So now we are on Mothers Day morning, Nevaeh’s sternum was still open till all of the swelling went down. Mother’s Day morning is when they knew that it was time to close her sternum! What an amazing and scary weekend for our whole family! After she got her sternum closed it was time to wake her up!!! As we waited for her to wake up, because during this whole process she was on medication that would keep her paralyzed. So as she was waking up she peeled open her eyes, and the first thing she went for was her thumb. She looooooves to suck her thumb! What a sigh of relief it was to see something that our sweet girl is obsessed with so minutes after waking up from something so horrific. She has started getting breast milk back in her feeding tube and is still intubated (breathing tube). Baby Nevaeh steps in the right direction is so amazing to see.


  • Misti Ennis

    I love the titles and just this and you! I can’t wait to give God a huge hug for this one and many many other things!!!

  • Marti Miller

    That is such great news and on Mother’s Day! God is so amazing!!! Love you guys and will continue praying for this sweet baby and all you guys!

  • Bruce Smith

    Thank you God for all the Miracles you perform and thank you doctors for all your hard work and dedication .Nevaeh is such a strong and precious little baby

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