Late Night Thoughts

Being able to have all the amazing and supportive people around us has been so amazing! Just being able to do these events in honor of Nevaeh really shows me how amazing life is. I have always thought to myself "even if something goes wrong today there is always tomorrow". But thinking about it now I think completly different. Everything that Nevaeh has gone through makes me think so hard. What is tomorrow? No one is promised it. God has a plan for everyone, but that plan is not spoken out, and placed in front of you in plan view. Being able to spend this precious time with the girls together is so wonderful. Seeing how happy they make each other reminds me how precious life truly is. Something so simple like Marlee teaching Nevaeh how to shake her rattle all over again melts my heart. Every time Marlee sees Nevaeh she just wants to hug her and tell her "I love you". Such simple things mean so much bigger now. On the topic of "no one is promised tomorrow". Nevaeh was for sure in that spot 4 months ago, but with the chance of having a wonderful donor to give her the chance of life is something that will always amaze me, and all of our family, friends, and community will be forever thankful. Everyday is still a battle that in perspective that one day Nevaeh will need another heart transplant. What a wonderful gift that God has given to our family our sweet Nevaeh, her wonderful donor family, and the gift of life. I recently posted a picture on Nevaeh's Facebook group page of all of our timers for her medication, breathing treatments, and feedings. She not only has a heart transplant but also a trach, and a g tube (fed directly to the stomach). I know that every single one of these things are a hurdle in themselves. Nevaeh has shown us time and time again that she is a fighter, and she is not giving up! She inspires me in so many ways! Every time Im away from one or both of the girls I just get to a point where I just feel so sick from missing them being together. I know God would never give us anything that we couldnt handle though. Its actually so weird that even having both the girls that I would start thinking about one day of them getting married and having children of there own. It was something that I talked to the heart transplant team.... "Would Nevaeh ever be able to have her own children?" Just the thought for her to have a normal life is what we strive for her. All of these things have been constantly flowing through my head, and of course it will always be in the back of my head as Nevaeh gets older. We always make sure to take a deep breath, thank God, and pray.


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