These few weeks have really showed me the love these sisters have for each other. Ever sense Nevaeh was born she has been wrapped around Marlee’s finger. The 24 hour hospital stay was a little scary with that being her first week home. Sense then Nevaeh has been coming around! She now wants to stand up, sit unassisted for a very long time, and when I mean a long time she will sit there all day if she could. She cries for only a second when she is taken out of the tub or laid down after sitting up and playing. She has become a champ in her bouncer, and now that she is 21 1/2 lbs you can hear all the toys slamming down when she jumps in it! She is not a big fan of tummy time, but sense she is getting stronger she just rolls over when she’s done. As for time off of the ventilator she is now up to 10 HOURS OFF! we are going up 1 hour every week. She is doing well keeping her food down, because she was throwing up a lot whenever she was sick. She has been doing tastings with me to try and start eating by mouth. And as of today she opened her mouth for food for the very first time! We are trying to get a speech therapist in our area so that we can use the speaking valve more so we can hear Nevaehs voice. The last time that we heard Nevaeh was on May 8,2018 the day before her transplant. And she called me “Dada”. I am so exciting for the miracles that I have witnessed before my eyes. As for now we haven’t had Nevaeh out anywhere except for her appointments which are now every 2 weeks, and with flu season coming up we can’t be anymore than careful. Marlee isn’t in school yet so it is going to be a little easier to have her away from other children for the sake of her sister. I know she would rather protect her sister any day. Marlee is also having a hard time having nurses around Nevaeh. Even though we have the nurses there to help Marlee is still having a hard time having new people around. We have 1 consistent nurse during the day, and she is so amazing and helpful. As of this week we will have 3 consistent nurses. And it should get a little easier with Marlee seeing familiar faces. Nevaeh hasn’t had a night nurse in over a week, but I feel very confident in being able to care for her, and it has been nice just to be together as a family. As always I thank God and everyone who has been keeping Nevaeh and our whole family in their prayers!


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