Trust Issues

We have been interviewing home health companies, and have decided on one. It will be so nice to have a nurse that is trained in taking care of children with trach's, and other special medical needs. What makes us nervous is being able to trust a nurse while we are sleeping to be able to stay up, and take care of Nevaeh when she needs it. Trust with our kids is not something that comes easy from us as parents. We have meetings set up this week to do a meet and greets with the nurses who will be with Nevaeh when she goes home. So we will at least get to meet and talk to a few of them. The company that we have chosen for nursing has been super helpful so far to get all the information that we have asked for. It is still hard even after talking to a few of the nurses to really know how its going to be until we get to our house, and getting into the routine of things. I know that things are going to be a lot different having a child with medical needs. But she is our child always and forever and we will always take care of her no matter what. Nevaeh is almost completely off of her sedation medications that she has been getting weaned off of. It has been a hard road for her coming off of them because she has been on so much pain medications because if her surgeries. She has also made the amazing mile stone of being able to sit on her own unassisted. Also having some time off of the vent support she started at 15 minutes, and now as of today she is off the vent for 2 hours a day twice a day! She has been rocking every test that has been coming her way. It will be such a big surprise for everyone when she is able to come home! She has been doing well with her speech therapy as well. She got to taste baby food for the first time last Thursday. I don’t think she liked it to much, it was apple sauce. We are going to try that again today, and probably try something else. She has also had clinic visits outside of the rehab, and has been doing well with the travels back and forth. Her clinic visits usually last 3-4 hours. But she is so calm the whole time she is just such an awesome kid, and we are so blessed to have her. Because she is still considered in patient she has to go to her visits by ambulance. I know she likes the attention because she smiles at everyone when she gets into the building, it is the sweetest thing. She has also been able to tolerate condensing her feedings into larger amounts into a smaller amount of times. This girl is amazing and such an inspiration to our family. Cant wait for the day we can tell everyone that she is back home!


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