Welcome Home

Nevaeh has been taking really well to being home the last few days. It has been rough to find a night nurse but I was talking with to a couple of the other transplant moms, and it seems like that is a common thing that happens. I thank God for the amazing family that we have that has been able to help watch Marlee while I learn how to do Nevaeh’s new medical needs. Her first 4 days went by really well, and then on Sunday morning she started throwing up a lot and wanted to sleep. We did not have a nurse at the house during the day so I called the attending on call with the transplant team. Her symptoms were scaring me so much because when she went into heart failure she was showing the same signs. So after I talked to them I wanted to set up an appointment because we couldn’t figure out what was going on. Nevaeh went in for a ECHO and a full clinic Monday morning, we still couldn’t figure out what was going on with her. So the team decided that they wanted to go ahead and admit her to monitor her. They ran cultures and had her hooked up to the monitor, and wanted her to stay on the vent so that she could have support because she had an elevated heart rate, and also was having a hard time breathing. After a few hours the cultures came back and showed that she had a cold that she had been trying to fight off sense before she came home. What a trooper she is because none of us could tell what was going on with her! So after staying in the hospital for a full 24 hours they ok’ed Nevaeh to come back home! She was still not filling it and was not as tired as whenever she got there. But we knew for sure that she was going to get better as the days went on. Today she is acting back to her normal self, and getting to spend time with her sister! They are so happy to be with each other! It is so amazing to have our family together again! I am actually loving the nurses that have been able to fill up this whole week! It is taking me a little bit to get use to having someone watch after our baby, but i for sure love the help! Marlee is also getting used to having someone help with her sissy!


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