Reilly's Endoscope on February 23 2017 at Children's Hospital

At St. Louis Children's Hospital-Reilly just had an endoscope procedure to treat the varices (enlarged blood vessels) in her esophagus, from the portal hypertension from her liver. During the procedure they placed rubber bands around the blood vessels to prevent potential dangerous rupture and bleeding. They found she has varices in her stomach and lower gastrointestinal tract but they said they are less of a risk of bleeding. The doctor told us Reilly will have to have another procedure in 6-8 weeks to treat new varices that develop. The doctor told Reilly she will be on a soft food diet for the next week. They said she may feel some discomfort when she swallows, but hopefully that will subside soon. They told us sometimes the rubber bands can pop off-so always look out for vomiting blood which is a medical emergency. In this case bring her to the ER. As always, Reilly was very brave going into this procedure. Thanks for everyone's prayers today! Brian and Amy #rallyforreillyfitz


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