Ryleigh October update

Ryleigh has been good the last few weeks, aside from an emergency room visit last month to put stitches into a busted chin she got from a slip and fall into our coffee table. Classic 4 year old stuff! Lucky for us that was an easy fix compared to most of our hospital visits... Her labs have been stable, we are just working on her acidosis and vitamin D levels, and tryng to keep her potassium and phosphorus levels down. The Retacrit shots are doing great at keeping her hemoglobin up, so we are glad the the heartbreak of giving her a shot in home twice a week is atleast showing positive results. We don't have to go back to Emory until November, of course as long as we don;t have any other complications before then.

She recently had character dSassy!ay at school as you can see in the picture donning her Anna outfit from Frozen. She is a ball of sass! She recently had a dentist appt as well and her 6 year molars are in, so she could begin losing teeth at any time. No cavities though! Only concern was her new teeth look a little weak, likely from the medicines she has been on for the last 3 years, so we closely moniter that. 

I (Dad) received a preliminary call from Emory about my donor evaluation I had the end of September, and there are some things that they need to run some more tests on before they give me an answer. The good news is they haven't said no yet, but I"m working on dropping more weight in the meantime and hoping we can resolve their concerns so we can get me approved. It's all in God's hands now, so we wait and pray. We are looking forward to Ryleigh's benefit concert next weekend sponsored by COTA, and Ryleigh is SOOO excited about "her party". The outpouring of support from the community has been a true blessing and we couldn't be more proud to be from our hometown of Moultrie/Colquitt County. 


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