Just a quick update on our first week out of the hospital.  We had two clinics this week.  At each one we go to, they do labs and have levels drawn to see if any adjustments are needed on Ty's meds.  Next, off to Radiology for a chest x-ray, then to pulmonary for a PFT test which tells where his lung function is at.  Monday, he was able to blow 45% and Thursday 47%.  The Dr's were impressed.  That is really good for the first lung function test.  He was at 15% pre-transplant.  Next week, he starts pulmonary rehab to try to build his strength up.  We have been trying stairs this weekend. He can go up three before his legs wear out.  Today it is 70 here in Denver, so we are going to try to take the puppy to a nearby park.  Ty can get out for short outings as long as he wears a mask.  

A big thank you to the Edgemont Student Council.  They had a funraiser for COTA in honor of Ty and we received a wonderful gift card to use here in Denver.  We are very greatful to have such a great community to live in!!.  I hope everyone had a Great Weekend!!


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