Happy Gift of Life Day, Zoe!

The Other Side. 

In the world of Biliary Atresia and liver disease, people refer to post transplant as “The Other Side,” “Welcome to the other side” “It gets easier on the other side” I would look at nurses and doctors and say “Tell me she’s going to be okay on the other side.”

Monday March 19th we arrived at The Other Side. March 19th, is the day we will celebrate Zoe’s Gift of Life day for the rest of our lives. Some people call it a “transplant-versary” but since her name means life, I decided it should have an official name that celebrates the gift she was given, that honors the angel baby donor and family, and acknowledges her second (third) chance at life.

So, March 19th will be celebrated as Zoe's Gift of Life Day! 



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