Monday 1/22 update

So, Zoe's labs today are worse.  I already figured by just looking at her.  She's still eating, and in fact wanting to eat a little bit more than usual so I wonder if she's just burning through it so fast?When she was a newborn and we called her The Big Pooper, it was endearing.  Now I have cleaned up so many blowouts it's not even funny.  Yea, part of liver disease seems to be weird poop, and not to mention all of the meds, I am sure that makes it worse.  

Her doctor is going to consult with infectious disease to switch her antibiotic.  Remember, the first one made her liver act up, and this one she seems to not be responding to-in that her numbers are worse.  She doesn't have a fever and has been pleasant mostly, so that's good.  Her favorite thing right now is all of the kitchen set stuff and play food, and playing tea party with the boys.  

How are her brothers? NOT so pleasant today.  Keegan is REALLY having a hard time and I can't figure out if it's just all of the inconsistency, the attention, divided attention... or just the fact that he is 3.  He has always had a bit of anxiety.  I honestly have no idea what to do about him.  And...he is obsessed with me, doesn't want me to put him down, doesn't want to be away from me.  This morning he came into our room early and he cuddled up next to me and was rubbing his hands through my hair.  Sweet, but I was like stop. touching. me.  He gets PLENTY of cuddles, but it was just too much this morning.  

I am feeling a little sick over Zoe.  I don't want to see her get worse and I guess I am just scared.  We will know more tomorrow on what the next step will be.  

Also, watch your insurance, people.  We got into a penalty situation last year that seemed ridiculous to us, and it happened again this year.  Read the fine print.  


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