Open Heart Surgery

While being evaluated for a liver transplant, Wesley was found to have a moderate to severe aortic coarctation. We were told that he could not receive a transplant until his coarctation was taken care of. Due to the nature of PA, any major surgery could lead Wesley into a crisis, so we were understandably worried. That being said, we knew he needed a liver transplant and as soon as possible, so we girded our loins and set up the surgery date - October 26th.


We went inpatient a couple days early since he wasn't supposed to eat prior to his surgery, but his metabolic disorder prevents him from being able to fast. After a CT angiogram, the surgeon came to us with the news that Wesley's coarctation was pretty severe and would require bring put on the heart-lung machine (which just increases his chance of a crisis). We were assured that he would most likely go into crisis but that the coarctation would be permanently fixed.


On the morning of his surgery, Wesley was giggly, happy, and flirting with all the nurses in the OR. His surgery went perfectly. His surgeon informed us that he was surprised Wesley was getting blood flow at all because the coarctation was so bad. He was put into the CICU following the surgery for recovery.


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