Post Surgery Update

We are currently two weeks out from his surgery and Wesley is kicking butt! He hasn't had a crisis at all (which we're all thrilled about!) and he's almost entirely back to normal! He's still working on lifting his head again, and we're struggling a little bit with him eating, but he's doing wonderfully. Unfortunately, he keeps pulling out his NG tube (5 times so far!), and we have to keep putting it back in, but he's so cute that we don't even mind that much.

He's doing so well that we've been discharged from the cardiac team (they say he's perfect and doesn't need them anymore) and instead we were given to the general pediatrics team while we get him eating again and let him heal. He's back to his normal, flirty self, but he can't decide which one of his nurses he wants to be his girlfriend, so he just smiles at all of them! We had a group of nursing students come in to see him and they all fell in love at first sight (which of course Wesley adored)!


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