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My name is Corey Pistone, I am 26 years old, and I have cystic fibrosis (CF). I was diagnosed with this disease at birth, and have worked hard all my life to stay as healthy as I can. But the disease has damaged my lungs to the point that I may not live much longer. My doctors recently told me that my only hope is to get a double-lung transplant. I have a lot to live for, so I’m all in for doing whatever it takes to get a new lease on life. I am now on the transplant waiting list for a new set of lungs. My life with CF has been quite a struggle. Beginning as an infant, I have been hospitalized more than 40 times (often for 2 weeks or more to treat lung infections), and have had many surgeries. I have even spent time in an ICU for life-threatening bleeding in my lungs. While not in the hospital, my home treatment regimen consumes several hours of my day, taking breathing treatments, airway clearance therapy, more than 50 pills, gastrostomy tube feeds, and oxygen at night. But I hav...



Corey is out and about

Corey is up and walking everday. He was outside on this beautiful day. Hope to step down soon from ICU soon. Continue Reading »

Out and about

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Spring has sprung

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Christmas time in Chardon Square with the family

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Paint Nite was a Huge Success

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Christmas time - Santa Claus

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Paint night for Corey P

Paint night for Corey P was a huge success with all the tickets for the event being sold. Thanks to all those that helped with the event.  Continue Reading »

New Blog coming soon!!

New blog coming soon!! Continue Reading »

Corey Pistone and family

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