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On September 7, 2000 at 6:25pm, Ethan Ellis joyfully arrived as a typical and healthy 7lbs 14 oz baby boy. 

 At 6 weeks, doctors detected a heart murmur and at his 4 month checkup, his family was advised to take him to a cardiologist within 72 hours because his heart sounded like a washing machine and his oxygen level was in the 70’s.  After tests including a heart catheterization, the family was notified Ethan would need a minimum of 3 surgeries.

 Ethan’s first open heart surgery was one week later.  The cardiologist placed a band around his pulmonary artery to regulate the pressure because at 4 months old Ethan’s heart had been overworking itself and was the size of an adult heart.

 Within months of the first surgery, doctors diagnosed Ethan with VSD (a condition when there is a hole in the heart that allows blood from the left pumping chamber to mix with the right pumping chamber. The result can be too much blood being pumped into the lung arteries causing the heart an...



Papa Murphy's Special Thanks.

We want to give a special Thanks to Hiedi and Eric the owners of 6 of the local Papa Murphy's stores. With their help and generosity the Love at 425 degrees event raised $4194.00. thank you guys so much, you are wonderful people and we are glad to Continue Reading »

Post surgery interview with News 5 OKC

Ethan and Momma did a follow up interview with Abigail Ogle last night. Continue Reading »

Progress update!

Ethan is doing incredible and looks great. He goes in for his first post op biopsy at 7:30 am tomorrow. Everyone cross your fingers! Continue Reading »

Progress update!

Thank you to everyone for the continued prayers and love. There have been some wonderful things happening! Sunday: chest tubes out (3), art line out, fluid restriction removed, and first walk done! Today: out of icu and in a regular room, Ethan can Continue Reading »

Post surgery News Interview with News 4 OKC at 5pm today.

Ethan and momma will be interviewed by Lacey Lett  Continue Reading »

Surgery Time! Warning some graphic images

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Ethan gets a heart

As of 1:00 am Ethan went into surgery to receive his new heart. The surgery has gone beautifully and it is expected to be done hours ahead of schedule. Please keep Ethan and the family in your prayers. Continue Reading »

Our mascots for the Papa Murphy's fundraiser

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Donor Appreciation 2

As of November 15th we were at $2886. We have now reached $8021 as of 12-16-17. Thats $5135 in one month. Thank you to all that have donated! The family cant thank you enough. Lets keep getting the word out and raise some more money for Cota in Continue Reading »

(News 9) Ethan makes another news appearance

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Snip Snip! Ethan gets a much needed hair cut.

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Donor Appreciation!

A big THANK YOU to all that have donated so far. With just a little over a month into this campaign in honor of Ethan we have raised $2,886 and things seem to be really taking off. We are so grateful for how the community is responding!  Continue Reading »

Art Therapy to keep the mind strong and calm.

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Ethan's fundraising bake sale at the hospital

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