August Updates!

Hi all!

We want to start off by thanking all who have helped us in all the various ways, physically, emotionally, financially, and through prayer. Andrew and I are in awe of the love, support and faith of those in our immediate and extended communities. We can't believe how many people surrounding us know our sweet baby boy, and many whom we have never personally met. We are looking forward to the future when he is able to meet everyone in person, and spread many overdue hugs :)

Prepping for transplant has been exciting and stressful. All we have to say, is thank goodness for Amazon Prime and speedy shipping ;) almost everything has been organized in packing piles, clothes have been washed and bagged, toys are sanitized and bagged, diapers and wipes are stocked up, laundry baskets are full and ready to move in. It is amazing how much "stuff" comes with a little one....but it's all needed, even with a minimalist mindset. We are very much looking forward to speeding through the chemotherapy and the immediate recovery, to when Jace starts to feel better and gets back to his happy self.

There is no way to mentally prepare for this situation, other than being open minded enough to go with the flow and be solid enough to physically and emotionally be available for your baby at ANY moment. We decided for our 100 day post transplant, we will be living in a travel trailer locally (to Stanford). This way Jace can crawl around the floor and we don't have to have a panic attack about what germs are there. We will also have the ability to cook food freely, without having to hold Jace while being near a stove (in the case where putting him down on the ground wasn't an option).

We are so thankful to Jack's Helping Hand for purchasing an air purifier that we can travel with, and this will be crucial during our post Transplant stay up there while we are not in our home (a huge {overdue} thanks to Jake for retrofitting our HVAC system to convert to a whole house air purifier!). Before we know it, it will be the holidays and we will *fingers crossed* be home in our own house for Christmas. If everything goes well over the next couple days, we will admit to Lucille Packard Children's Hospital this Friday 8/25. We will keep you updated as treatment progresses.

Sending hugs! Love, Andrew, Becca, and baby Jace


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