Day 4

 Yesterday was the first time Jace has ever felt sick, and that was tough to swallow.  But as he started feeling the effects of the Chemo, I thought to myself that even if he was a thriving healthy baby, it would still be hard for me to see our baby sick and feeling uncomfortable for the first time…..  So in a way, I felt blessed that our first experience was in the hands of the best nurses on the west coast, and that they were prepared for any reaction he could have had. Jace started his second drug treatment called rATG, and it is combined with a chemo drug called Cytoxan. The rATG targets Jace’s T-Cells and destroys them, causing him to feel flu like symptoms: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, body aches, chills, fever, etc. Jace will have 3 days of this combination of drugs, and before you know it, transplant is going to be here! Last night was just a glimpse of the challenges we have ahead as a family but Jace is such a strong boy and he is going to do so well with these difficult treatments. He is so blessed with so many people thinking of him, and we are so excited for our future as a family. The countdown continues, then it will be about his count up!

Day 0 on Thursday!

Sending hugs, Andrew, Becca and baby Jace


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