Everyday Miracles

Milestones are everything with a little one, and Jace is such a strong growing boy. He started rolling over this week! He brings us so much joy and it is amazing watching him grow each and every day.

We have had quite a bit of progress made with our timeline. Jace’s donor has agreed to go through with the stem cell donation, and Jace is now going through pre-treatment baseline tests. These tests are only valid for 30 days so the doctors are fairly certain his admit date will be August 11th. He has already met with an ophthalmologist and an audiologist, and has been cleared from both. He still needs an MRI and CT scan, EKG, ECHO and many labs before we are able to move forward with the transplant, but everything is looking promising.

For now, we have more doctor appointments leading up to his day of admission, and he will have a central line placed that day. His conditioning period will begin the day he is admitted, after his central line is in, so the doctors can begin administering his IV treatments. We will have our hands full with appointments and tests over the next couple weeks….and transplant will be here before we know it!

Sending hugs!

Love, Andrew, Becca and Jace


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