Gearing up for procedure....

We have had a very busy week so far. Jace is continuing his pre-workup exams and will be undergoing a few more evaluations at the end of this week. He needed a platelet transfusion this week because he has been averaging a transfusion every 10 days or so. His platelet counts were the lowest they have been at 5K! So we definitely needed to transfuse when we were there. We are looking forward to getting his central line placed because it will make IV treatments painless for him. Since he has had so many labs drawn and so many IV’s placed, his veins are not able to heal fast enough and it is becoming harder to get the IV placed for each transfusion. Hopefully we will only need a couple more with an IV, then his central line will be placed on 8.8.17.  If you have been following his procedures the updated list is up at original procedure list post.

We now have a tentative admit date of 8.12.17, and his conditioning (chemotherapy) will begin the following day. Jace will also be given a medicine to help reduce the effects of mucositis, which is a side effect of the chemotherapy. This will allow him to be more comfortable through treatment, and minimize the amount of GI discomfort. It is starting to get down to the wire, and we feel like we are packing for a big move….  It is AMAZING how much STUFF a child uses…. 

We also have the opportunity to stay at the Ronald McDonald House at Stanford to check out the facility, as well as offering easy access to the hospital for our early morning appointments (not having to time it with morning rush hour traffic in the Bay Area, thank goodness!). Jace is such a strong little boy, and we have no doubt that he will continue to be a champ throughout this whole process. His smiles are contagious, and he already knows how to work the nurse crowd wink Please keep our family in your thoughts.

Sending Hugs!

Love, Andrew, Becca and baby Jace


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