So many things have happened over the past few days.  Here is a recap!

Transplant 9/7/2017 Day 0

We had a wonderful blessing of donor cells prior to the transplant.  The hospital Chaplin came by to meet Jace on our day of admisson, and he stopped by again on the day of the transplant to say a quick prayer.  The transfusion of cells happened very quickly like a normal blood product tranfusion, and Jace handled it very well with no immediate reactions.

He also received a very special gift from the child life department today.   It's a bouncer!  This is going to be so great for daily activities outside of the crib when he is feeling up for it.  He loves it and it's great stimulation physically and mentally. 

Day+1 and Day +2

He started a small dose of chemo that will be every couple of days to supress his immune system and help him except the donor cells.  He is also on an immunosuppressive therapy drug from now through about a year post transplant.  Some of the quirky side effects of the med will be hair loss, and perhaps facial hair growth.  His WBC's finally dropped to "0" so his body is ready for the new stem cells to move in.

He has had a very little nausea and pain so far which is great!  He started spiking a fever this morning, but it just broke natrually without the use of medication.  He has been on and off food for past week, mostly due to chemo.  They started him on a nutrtion IV to supplement when he is not drinking from the bottle.

The Doctors have also been watching his fluid intake and output and he has been retaining some fluids and was given diuretics to help him get rid of excess fluids.  It can become a problem when there is too much fluid buildup because it can put pressure on his vital organs.  He can get really puffy in his face and hands.  The first evening of Day +1 he was given lasix, the second is the morning of day +2 and you can see how much puffiness around his face diminished overnight. 

That brings us to Day +3

He has been taken off of his round the clock anti nausea med because he is doing so well.  The doctors are hopeful that he doesn't develop muscositis, but we aren't out of the weeds yet.  We should bave a better idea over the next few days due to the small doses of chemo he is still receiving.

Jace also started cutting his bottom teeth!  So much joy for us that he is still doing all the normal baby things even through all this.

Our goal has been and will continue to be, to get at least one smile a day.  Jace has been generous with us with smiles and we are so thankful to be able to share the pictures with all of you.  We hope it will continue over the duration of his treatment.

Jace is such a strong, sweet boy who has the whole world ahead of him.  He is going to do great things, we can't wait to see them.  Please keep Jace in your thoughts and your prayers as he continues his journey to better health.

Sending hugs,

Andrew, Becca and baby Jace....


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