Prayers please.

Here is the newest update on Jace. His kidneys started failing last night so they took him to surgery this morning to place a central line for continuous dialysis to help remove the excess fluid he has built up in his body. He is also getting two other Central lines placed additionally so he has multiple access points. At this point he has a jugular central line, a femoral central line, a PICC line, an arterial line and two PIV lines. Andrew and I cleaned out our stem cell unit room today and we will likely be staying in the PICU for a couple weeks pending his condition of his kidneys and his fluids status. He has been diagnosed with VOD that is pretty severe, and Only Time Will Heal his liver if they have caught it in time. Hopefully in the next couple days we will have a better idea of his long-term outcome. But on the more exciting note they believe he is starting to engraft! Please please please keep our sweet baby in your prayers along this tough Journey Hugs, Andrew, Becca and baby Jace.


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