Jace Jones has been in back to back surgeries/procedures from 9:30am-7pm getting multiple lines placed. He had two more central lines placed, an arterial and a PIV. He is currently intubated for the next 24-48 hours. His continuous dialysis started around 3pm and is effectively removing some of the excess fluid. This will take multiple days to relieve the organs from the excess pressure from the retained fluids. Then depending on his kidney function, they will determine his dialysis needs. He has a drain in his abdomen that they released about 400mL of fluid from during the first procedure. For those visual people, that's more than half a bottle of wine....and there is still so much more to drain. We will update as we can, life in the PICU has very little downtime.


Sending hugs to all of you, and please keep our little fighter in your thoughts.

?Andrew, Becca, and baby Jace.....


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