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Cora was born in July of 2011 with a condition called Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. That essentially means she was born with half a heart.  Her mother was able to kiss her very purple, sweet cheeks before she was immediately rushed away to the NICU.  Within her first week of life she would undergo 2 heart surgeries.

Cora is a fighter!  Despite only having minimal heart function she was able to hit all her milestones as an infant and toddler. She was like any other child: laughing and playing with the occasional tantrums thrown in for good measure.  She neither understood nor cared about her limitations.  As a result of the condition her lips, fingers and toes are constantly purple and she has a hard time maintaining her weight, especially as she becomes older.  

In 2015, at the age of 4, Cora went for her third and hopefully final heart surgery in an effort to delay any need for a heart transplant until she was much older.  It was then doctors discovered her heart function wa...



Surgery Day Update #1

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