A Letter from a Sister

Olivia's letter (below) originally appeared on Facebook, the night before Nick's surgery to place his catheter for peritoneal dialysis. If you haven't had a chance to read it, I encourage you to do so.


A letter from a sister:

Tomorrow begins the next chapter in Nick's journey. As some of you may know, Nicholas is in the final stages of kidney failure, this is a serious and debilitating disease that involves a lot of medical interventions. Tomorrow morning, Nick will be having surgery to place a port for dialysis to begin. This process is serious and all-consuming for our family as Nick will be doing dialysis at home.

Dialysis will be the supporting player in Nick's story, the real work that is going to come is finding Nicholas an eligible kidney donor. Our campaign for awareness and contributions will be launching soon; more updates and events will be coming within the next few months. We are putting together a great team to help support us through this journey. We are still seeking an eligible candidate for a kidney for Nick, and I would be happy to provide details for anyone interested or can help point you to the Donor Team at Brigham and Women's Hospital.


We appreciate our community's support. We wouldn't be anywhere without the watchful eyes of neighbors and friends. The outpouring of love and help has been a warm, meaningful welcome during this time.

Nick is a fighter, he is strong, funny, smart, and so capable. Meet anyone who knows him, they can back me up. He is a champion who continues to impress me everyday. He inspires all of us to continue to fight. I would hope that him and his story inspire you as well.

#PickTeamNick #ShareYourSpare



Liv and Nick at graduation


  • Carol Lemire

    Praying for You Nick and a Kidney ..Miss Your smile and Jokes..Love You

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