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Liver Transplant Recipient

Posted on April 20th, 2014

walgreensThe Children’s Organ Transplant Association (COTA) is pleased to announce an arrangement with Walgreens through its Transplant Specialty Network.  The network currently consists of 55 Walgreens pharmacies and features specially trained pharmacists and staff with an in-depth understanding of the transplant process, including management of the complicated medications and their potential side effects.  It can provide expert guidance and personalized, ongoing support to families facing the lifelong challenge of ensuring their children stay healthy and continue taking vital medications that prevent the body from rejecting life-saving organs.

The following are among the many supportive services Walgreens Transplant Specialty Network pharmacies provide to transplant patients and their families:

  • Help in easing the coverage paperwork and process by
    • billing COTA directly for eligible patients’ financial responsibility for transplant medications.  Patients remain responsible for amounts that are not funded by COTA.
    • coordinating transplant-related medication paperwork and verification of insurance coverage.
    • offering free shipment of medication.
  • Medication support through
    • one-on-one counseling to explain the complexities of the patient’s medication regimen.
    • monthly follow-up calls starting the first day after discharge to assess how the patient is doing, providing support and advice, and reminding the patient or caregiver to refill prescriptions before they run out.

During their follow-up calls to the patient, Walgreens emphasizes the importance of taking medications as prescribed. They explain the signs of rejection, give advice on how to manage side effects and provide guidance if the dosage or medication changes.  Walgreens also works closely with the patient’s doctors and other caregivers to enable seamless, quality care.  The goal is to help prevent rejection of the organ, avoid infection and keep the patient healthy and out of the hospital.

For more information, contact COTA Family Services at 800.366.2682 or via email at gro.a1566202487toc@s1566202487ecivr1566202487eSyli1566202487maF1566202487.  COTA provides transplant-related financial assistance to eligible patients, regardless of their choice of provider.