“The Children’s Organ Transplant Association (COTA) alleviated a tremendous amount of stress for our family. We were in the middle of receiving a deluge of complicated medical information about Zoe and there were so many unknowns. At first we did not even think about the financial impact of a life-saving transplant. COTA gently helped us Read More

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Liver Transplant Recipient

Eligible Expenses


Whether you are brand new to COTA or simply new to our site, we’re glad you’re here! The Family Resources section of the site is designed to help our COTA families navigate the COTA expense process.

Important Things To Remember

  • 100% of funds raised are available for transplant-related expenses (including donor expenses or expenses incurred from other related diagnoses) for a lifetime – before, during and after the transplant!
  • COTA is the owner and administrator of all funds; transplant families are not taxed on these funds nor do these funds jeopardize other assistance program participation.
  • It is important to submit within six months of having an eligible expense.
  • Each transplant family is unique! You may have a unique expense that might be transplant-related, but we need to know before we can help! Please keep in touch!

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