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Household Expenses password messaging

Household Expenses

Household Assistance is COTA's way of assisting with a transplant familys unpaid monthly bills for the primary residence at the time of transplant when there is an unpaid leave.  When there is a loss of income, COTA may be able to help with some household expenses depending upon the amount of income lost.  To determine the amount of assistance, this form must be completed.  All amounts added should be the monthly amount/average.  Food, gas, and other incidentals incurred at transplant should not be included in the household expenses, as they may be able to be submitted to COTA in another capacity.  

The following is needed in order to begin the process:

  • Password from Family Services which is provided during the Family Orientation

  • Copies of each bill or bank statements listing all bills that will be included on the form

  • Recent paystubs for all wage earners or documentation of income (SSI, Child Support, etc.)

  • Letter from employer stating the start date of the leave and that it is "unpaid"


If you have already received authentication information from COTA please click continue.

To request access click 'Contact Us' or call us at 800.366.2682.