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As most of you know, Elizabeth's health has declined in the last year and is to the point now where she is beginning the process of seeking double lung and liver transplants. This is to be expected with Cystic Fibrosis and she has known for a long time that this would eventually be a door she needed to walk through. Part of the process for the transplants is making sure...

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Elizabeth Amber

Seattle, WA

Transplant Type: Lung

Transplant Status: Transplanted

Goal: $70,000.00

Raised: $47,874 of $70,000 goal

Raised by 319 contributors


Update on Elizabeth’s Progress


Jamie (Elizabeth's husband) has been spending every day with Elizabeth in the ICU as she recovers from her surgery.  Here is his update from today on her progress. ... Continue Reading »

Surgery and recovery UPDATE.


Elizabeth came through her transplant surgery well.  She is now in the ICU recovering.  Thank you everyone for the love and support.   -Mollie  Continue Reading »

It’s happening!


Hi Elizabeth's People!   Mollie (Elizabeth's sister) reporting to you LIVE with an update on how our favorite lady is doing! It's been quite the whirlwind for the... Continue Reading »

Temporarily Perennial


Sorry for the delays in updates.   No news is good news around here. I've been settling into the second month of being here. I did finally run... Continue Reading »

Venturing Down Stairs


Hello!   Sorry for the long delay in communication. The last month has been the big push to get moved to the Seattle area and settle in. I... Continue Reading »

Back to the Future


Hello!   I am back from Seattle and have completed my evaluation and work up, mostly. I have one more test on the 13th of March, but that... Continue Reading »

Dates for Seattle


Happy Monday!I'm easing my way into my week with the delightful realization I have no appointments this week! What a treat! I'm hoping to get myself out for... Continue Reading »

Monday Check Ins


Hello all,The holidays are over and the new year is finally here. I've decided to post an update/check-in every Monday to let you know how things are with me... Continue Reading »

Phase 1 Done


Well, the first meetings are done. Both the lung transplant and liver transplant teams want to proceed with the evaluations and move toward listing me. I hadn't quite anticipated... Continue Reading »