Update September 15, 2023

Stephen has had quite the week. On September 12th, Stephen had a trach placed. A trach helps Stephen breath by going directly into the windpipe through the throat and fills the lungs up with air. Stephen will have to be sedated and paralyzed for a few days to allow the skin to heal around the new tracheostomy tube. On September 13th, Stephen needed extra sedation and paralytics because he was wiggling and wanting to play too much. Due to the extra medications, Stephens heart rate got down into the 30s and he ended up coding. This initiated the team to start CPR. The team was able to bring Stephen back and get him calm. Since then, Stephen has been getting some rest and good sleep. They have even been able to turn the paralytic down. He gets all the cuddles with Mommy and Daddy and Bluey is always on the TV. Please continue to pray for Stephen. We appreciate all of the love and support we recieve. 

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