Time for some flag football

Alejandro has his good days and his bad days. He doesn't let what he goes through stop him and tries to keep up with all his friends. He doesn't understand why some things are getting more difficult. He won't stop his sports. This is the first year in the last two years that he has played flag football as he can't play tackle. Part being because of me not wanting him to do more than one sport at a time it's a lot on him and the other being all his friends play pop Warner so it was getting "boring" to him as he is really competitive. This year a couple of his buddies are playing flag and he couldn't be happier! He wanted to play so bad, so here we are. He loves football and knows more about it than anybody I know. Since no contact sports are doctors orders flag it is and we couldn't be happier to see him on the feild! He amazes me! He is positive and so outgoing my super hero! And he says he is still playing basketball this year :)


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